Gingerbread “Honey”

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Gingerbread Characteristics:

  • The dough is not viscous, little crumbles, airy and tasty.
  • The icing is sweet, thin with a unique milky tint. It covers the dough with a light sheath. 


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We want to offer you a gingerbread honey of own production. All our products are made only from natural products.

Regarding calorie content, honey gingerbread contain up to 50% of natural honey. And it is honey that provides spicy taste. From the sweet taste of honey cakes, you feel not only moral pleasure. Ingredients that are included in the chemical composition of gingerbread, lead to the release of happiness hormones in the blood. And that is why after eating gingerbread mood rises.

Box weight: 5 kg .; 2.5 kg.

Shelf life: 30 days.


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